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Through personalized counseling, workshops, and a wealth of resources, we empower athletes to cultivate the mental strength needed for peak performance.

I’ve crafted a comprehensive 90-day ‘Day in the Life’ program tailored for athletes and students alike. However, it’s important to note that I am not a licensed therapist, doctor, or counselor. This program draws solely from my personal experiences and insights. While it may offer valuable guidance and strategies, individuals should consult with appropriate professionals for personalized advice and support regarding their physical or mental well-being.


D Jay McGrath

I’m D Jay McGrath, founder of DJMH Coaching. As a former Midget AAA, Jr A, WHL, and College Athlete, I’ve spent the past year sharing my mental health journey with schools, hockey teams, and organizations across Canada. My goal is to provide support to hockey players struggling with their mental health and create a safe space for them to open up.

Growing up in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, I faced challenges pursuing my hockey dream. Moving away at 15, I grappled with homesickness, anxiety, depression, and turned to alcohol to cope. Despite playing for the Everett Silvertips and later returning to my hometown team, the Kindersley Klippers, my mental health suffered. Cocaine addiction, depression, and anxiety followed during my time with the Red Deer College Kings.

After a decade of battling addiction, I reached a turning point on June 6th, 2022, when I opened up to my parents and began my journey to recovery. I’ve been sober since that day.

My passion is to support athletes with their feelings and emotions, creating a comfortable space for them to discuss their problems. I believe having a “big brother” figure in a player’s life, someone relatable who has walked in their shoes, can be transformative. I’m here for you.


Are You Ready



Saskatoon Hustlin Huskies in Summer hockeyCaptain for most of my minor hockey teams.Baseball player - 3rd in Canada for Honda Hit Run and Throw Competition.


Drafted to the Everett Silvertips 3rd Round 66th Overall In the Western Hockey League Draft.


Top Scorer (Saskatoon Contacts (rookie) )


Captain of the Kindersley Klippers of the SJHL


College Hockey for the Red Deer College Kings ( Assistant Captain )

June 6,2022

The day I finally went over to my parent’s house to tell them everything. Been sober ever since that day!!

My Services

Sessions 1:1

One on One call ( book now for your 1 on 1 Call for 60 minutes )

Day in The Life Program

7 module course with 8 bi weekly one on one calls guaranteed 24hr response for ongoing support.


My Mission

My Mission is to support athletes in achieving their goals and embracing the idea that it’s, “okay not to be okay.” I want them to feel at ease in my program and gain valuable mental health tools especially away from their sport. If you’re struggling or hesitant to seek help, I’m here for you. Drawing from personal experience, I offer guidance to navigate your journey. Join me, and you’ll discover significant benefits while learning from my sobriety journey.

Great Stories, Shared by Professionals

Listen to Our Students: Their Thoughts on Our Program

I started working with Dj a little over a month and a half ago. When I started with Dj, I was lacking confidence , struggling with my mental health, always nervous before games and practices. When I work with Dj, he taught me a very valuable lesson about your mental health, having fun changes everything , working hard changes everything. When you’re having fun and you enjoy the game you’re playing and you work hard, your game changes tremendously and it makes it easier on your yourself. This program, and Dj, has helped me out tremendously since day one till now, the routine that I do, and that Dj has taught me, I think is huge for athletes who struggle,. This program that Dj has worked hard to put together for athletes, is very very beneficial and has worked for me in this past month and a half.

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